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Prepare to get your mind blown! BC.Game 3.0 is here! Build the best crypto casino together

Prepare to get your mind blown!

BC.Game 3.0 is here!

Build the best crypto casino together

by BC.Game staff on April 2nd, 2021

When we founded BC.Game in 2017; we had no idea that it would transform into this enormous close-knit community who will keep asking us for more, and we will keep pushing ourselves to be better than expected!

And now, thanks to the unconditional support and trust of you guys, we are launching the most-awaited, the brand new, the bigger, the better, the faster, the highly rewarding version of your top crypto gaming site BC.Game!

Join us in celebrating the launch of a new futuristic era: BC.Game 3.0!

Allow us to introduce BC.Game 3.0!


For a long time, our loyal user base gave us suggestions as to what will make BC.Game better than the competitors. We took each one of those suggestions and implemented them to keep improving ourselves. Then our players demanded us to bring Slots! We did not want to get half-baked goods on the foor, and thus slowly and diligently, our team started working to bring the best Slot experience on the BC platform! Today with this launch, we are proud to say that BC.Game is launching 10,000+ slots games!

YES! 10000+! You asked we delivered!

Slots powered by:
● Pragmatic Play
● SoftSwiss
● CS Gaming
● Ka Gaming
● B Gaming
● CG Gaming
● Platipus
● Yggdrasil, to name a few!


BC.Game 3.0 brings to you online live dealer games! These exciting games allow users to play the same live table games they would in a traditional casino from the privacy of their own home! Imagine sitting comfortably on your couch with a chilled beer in your hand and winning at live tables! We are launching a series of games powered by:
● Pragmatic Play Live
● SA Gaming
● Ezugi Gaming to name a few!


This is something we are very excited about! A Brand New Exchangeable Game Currency! Many of our users wanted something exclusive to our platform, which they could exchange and use for activities like transactions fee, rain, coin drops, tips, etc. Thus was born BCD (BC Dollar)! An in-house game currency with a 1:1 USDT exchange rate! The most exciting thing is that the value of 1BCD is bound to the price of 1 USDT, and you can exchange BCD into other currencies at any time. You can get BCD through a deposit bonus or by completing tasks on the brand new TASK HUB! The new Task Hub ofers a plethora of Daily Tasks where you can win BCD!

Is that all you ask? Nope! The icing on the cake is that you can enjoy up to a 10% annualized return rate when you store your BCD in our Vault Pro.

10%!! Yup! We’re doing this! As mentioned earlier, BC.Game 3.0 is the all-inclusive bigger, better gaming platform now! Talk to our Customer Support here for more info.


Now you can enjoy the instant coin exchange feature right here on the BC.Game platform with the BC Swap option in your wallet! It ofers you the convenience of instant exchange to the crypto of your choice without any transaction fees!


VIP gets treated like a true VIP at BC.Game! With BC3.0, we are introducing all-new VIP upgrade rewards! Win major BCD rewards with every level upgrade.

BC.Game invites you to join our VIP Club, where there is an abundance of gifts, giveaways, higher cashback, and unique features. Don't miss out on all the exciting and amazing fun!


You can get an amazing bonus in BCD if you deposit the target amount or more. Wager to receive BCD, and it will be credited to your account balance. You can claim up to a 200% deposit bonus!

Deposit Bonus works as follows:

➢ 1st Deposit: UP TO 150% BONUS
Make your frst deposit, and we'll match it with a bonus of up to 150%.

➢ 2nd Deposit: UP TO 160% BONUS
On your second deposit at BC.Game, a 160% bonus will be instantly credited to you.

➢ 3rd Deposit: UP TO 180% BONUS
Your third deposit will be rewarded with an instantly credited 180% BONUS.

➢ 4th Deposit: UP TO 200% BONUS
Enjoy a never-before 200% bonus on your fourth deposit!

Last but not the least;


Experience a better looking and faster working BC.Game with all-new style and look!

Faster, Better, Bigger:

This new version of BC.Game brings to you a world full of exciting and fun crypto games! From 10,000+ slot games to live dealer casinos to our OG games for you to stick with the classics, we are bringing you the 360 crypto gaming experience right from the comfort of your home! With a

faster working UI and crisp, clear graphics, and a plethora of bonuses and rewards, we are making our mark in the crypto gaming world.

We Thank You!

All this and so much more in the future is all possible due to the constant and unwavering support and love of our beloved BC.Game players. We got lucky to receive the best supportive users worldwide, and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of this journey with us! It will be onwards and upwards from here, and we’re sure you will love the ride!

Here’s to a new world of provably fair crypto gaming!

Watch out...BC.Game 3.0 has arrived!

Welcome to the new era of BC.Game!


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